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Do what you love, love what you do!

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Welcome Readers!

Many people are shocked to hear that this year we are celebrating our 30 years as B & M Florist, with the same store, same location and the same owners. The biggest question we are asked by customers is how do you do it?

The simple answer is PASSION! And we mean an abundance of passion. 30 years ago our store was a modest local corner shop selling groceries and mixed goods, a local go to before the large supermarket giants took over. As the groceries lessened, the flowers grew and grew and grew. To one day there were no more groceries, but there were flowers and lots of them! Then there were plants and gifts and homewares and we started doing weddings and events and now we do it all.

An old saying close to our family’s heart really represents us. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking don’t settle”.  Flowers are what our family does and does well.

So there’s Bill the main man, the buyer. He’s the one up at 4am at the Sydney markets hand picking each beautiful bloom that arrives into our store. Oh and those beautiful plants and orchid gardens we have, that’s bills expertise!

Then there’s Maria the Queen B, the one that pushes us all to do bigger and better things, the floral master from corporate to weddings to funeral its all her specialty.

Then there’s Katrina, the eldest sister the creative and super talented florist, interior designer, landscape designer & visual merchandiser- when it comes to flowers trust us when we say there’s no one faster!

Then there’s Joanne the baby of the family! From graduating top of her floristry class at tafe, to event & business management at university and the social media guru most say she’s the one who’s really in charge. She’s got a creative eye to always bring new and exciting design to our store from flowers right through to gifts and homewares.

So when people say how you do it? Well not without the passion and commitment from our family all working together with a beautiful team. When you love flowers and the industry as much as we do and put it hard long hours and dedication in the end it all pays off. 

Much love

The B & M Family


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