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Carriere Freres Le Dome


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A perfect Carrière Frères candle accessory, The Dome highlights and elegantly shields your scented candle. Made in Italy, The Dome also helps keep the perfume longer. True to the brand’s identity, The Dome naturally comes with an octagonal-shaped wooden base painted in white.

Candle not included.

In 1884, Carrière Frères was founded by the erudite and entrepreneurial Carrière brothers. Well-versed in 18th century wax craftsmanship, yet passionate about patents and new inventions, they set out to reinvent the candle-making process.

Their new generation of candles were replete with symbolic reminiscences. While the grand Industrial Revolution was underway, the modernization of electricity was favored. Yet, the two brothers persevered with their use of candles. With a creative and ingenious approach, the brotherhood converted a religious and traditional use into a contemporary decorative object of great finesse.

Radiating warmth, inviting atmosphere, and mood enhancement, Carriere Freres welcomes you to a world of glamour via an array of home declinations such as diffusers, room sprays, and handcrafted botanical palets. Personified in differing formats, each Carriere Freres item narrates its own unique story.

Carriere Freres conveys its individual perception of luxury that is centralized on well-being and sustainability via a wax formula that is innovative, exceptional, and premium.


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